New and Unexpected Surprises


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One thing I can definitely assure you about Jesus is that He is NEVER boring.


A guy named Woojong proved that.

I would say he’s a YouTuber, but he prefers to be known as a motivational speaker. Some would say he’s somewhat of a famous personality… Whichever you’d like to call him, what’s evident is this: he is a follower of Christ and God is using him every day.

Including to reach people like me…

People who don’t see it coming because they’re expecting one thing (like a funny video, for instance) but end up taking away something else instead; something much more important than a laugh.

Rejuvenation. Redemption and reminders of God’s love. Encouragement to get through the day.

As I watched one video on praying for your soulmate, I began to examine myself closely. I went from expectancy to conviction in an instant. The Lord showed me my selfishness. He brought to my attention that this man He’s set aside—that guy’s human, too. God began asking, When was the last time you prayed for your future spouse? Consider all the things you’re dealing with right now. Can you only imagine what he must be going through? Satan attacks everyone, including this man I haven’t met yet.

This isn’t just a man who’s nice to look at; this is a man you are going to do LIFE with. If you’re going to spend the rest of your life with this man, wouldn’t it be great to know that he has your back? I recalled the scripture I read earlier,

“Who is he that condementh? It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us.” (Romans 8:34, KJV)

I began to meditate on it, thinking, Jesus is praying for me—interceding on my behalf. It would be great to know that the guy I’m marrying is going to be praying too.

If I’m praying, and he’s praying, and Jesus is already praying—that’s a powerful force. I could withstand anything the devil throws at me just that much greater. The Lord asked,

Well, don’t you think he deserves that from you, too?

Be in their corner; pray for them when you think of them. You never know what your future spouse might be going through and they could probably use the extra help. I’m sure it’d be wonderful to know you were praying for them all along. Not out of want or desire, but out of genuine concern and care for them.


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Then came the second video…

“Discipline will set me free…” Those were the words each viewer was instructed to write in the comments. As I wrote those words, all of it—all those times when I rebelled and chose to do things my way—came rushing back.

“Jesus…I did not come here for all this…hahaha!”

Or so I thought.

We want everything in God: all the blessings, all our hearts desires fulfilled—everything, but we lack the discipline it takes to have those very things we ask Him for.

And there is was…that can of worms I kept refusing to handle seem to open up on its own. I fear responsibility because it requires accountability. I fear accountability because it means transparency. It’s easy to hide behind poems and inspirational messages…but when you’re not living any of the things God is having you tell people, it all becomes a burden. I’ve been neglecting assignments, the inspiration ministry He gave me.

The real reason behind why I stopped writing and why I allowed myself to drown in sin was because of the fear to stand up.

It is an amazing thing when at last you are ready to confront YOU.

And every, single issue you’ve been running from.


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It is a painful, yet beautiful experience when God shows up in ways you’ve never seen and shows you who you really are.

Everyone’s got some hang up’s. I certainly have my fair share.

However it doesn’t change who Jesus has called you to be. Not in the least.

We are not defined by these things, but rather, by according to how we live.

Life is FULL of choices. I can either choose to be angry, bogged down by the spirit of depression, bitter and full of hate because of the things around me… OR—I can simply choose to be free in spite of it all. I can choose to love, and show kindness and compassion even when my neighbors aren’t as giving of those things. I can choose to let go and be at peace in the midst of anger, to take hold of God’s Word and plant it into my heart. I can plant it in place of the bitterness and the hatred.

Life, in essence, can be something else…a real piece of work.

But if we are to be light in this world, we shouldn’t allow ourselves to become consumed by all the toxicity and evilness in this world. We already have enough to deal with just by carrying our own crosses; let’s not add on more weight than necessary.

Yes, God is never boring. He is the definition of spontaneity.

And I must say…I am quite pleased about that.


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