My Poetry

Poems I’ve written

4SON (4th Sunday Open mic Night):
“Death to Sterger”
“Why Not? (Ps. 8:9)”
“Psalm 84:3,10”
“The Overview”
“Lion Crossing (I Pt. 5:8)”
“Heart Box: Lock and Key (I Pt. 1:8)”
“Don’t Forget To Remember (I Cor. 4:9,3)”

OPF (One Page Friday):
“A Note for the Suicide Kids”
“Half Full, Half Empty”
“Love Shells” & “Ocean’s Wide, Bluish Deep”

Written Works
“Are You Awake”
“Greater Than Great”
“Overflow V (Eccles. 2:4)”
“Turn Your Cheek (Col. 3:13)”